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  2. I have a bees nest in an old meat smoker, according to my neighbor. I'm not home so I'm not sure it's bees but I need them gone.
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    VSBA 2017 Spring Meeting This is an amazing educational opportunity for any beekeeper, as well as an opportunity to get involved in beekeeping activities at the state level. For a detailed agenda, registration information and other information, see the VSBA website.
  4. Needed: A beekeeper at Greenhill Winery & Vineyards in Middleburg, Virginia. We have 10 hives and sell the honey through our Farm Store onsite. This is our second year. Our current beekeeper is retiring but will mentor the new one and get them started! Contact Rebekah for more info or 540 645 9475 Our website is
  5. I received this information and am passing it on to anyone interested. Please contact Mr Nolan directly. Mr. Bundy. Per our phone conversation earlier this morning, I am interested in having a couple or so bee hives on my property. I am not a bee keeper so therefore I would need someone to place the hives and care for the bees. All proceeds from the hive would of course belong to the owner of the hives. My E-mail address is The property is located between Hillsboro and Purcellville. I very much appreciate your assistance. Best regards, Robert Nolan.
  6. Laurie, I forwarded your info to Olin. He should be in touch soon.
  7. I have 20 acres in Leesburg. If this would be of interest to you please contact me at 703/615-2066. Call or text. Thanks Laurie Z
  8. I have 20 acres in Leesburg that would be available to host your hives. If anyone is interested please contact me at or call/text 703/615-2066. Thanks! Laurie Z.
  9. I hope this reply comes in time to help your project! You may find it difficult to get this information, as it is not common for hobby beekeepers in Loudoun County to maintain liability insurance. As far as I know, the reason most beekeepers don't have insurance is because we don't have to. This creates a pretty limited market for it, so you might have trouble getting a quote. My guess is any quote you get would be for a general personal or business liability policy, not a product specific to beekeeping. Further, Virginia passed a state law last year limiting liability for beekeepers, provided they comply with a set of beekeeping best practices they defined with the help of the beekeeping community. That law was HB 535, and you can read it here: The best practices can be found here: For links to other regulations related to beekeeping that may be of use for your project, check out LBA's Beekeeping Regulations page.
  10. Hello, I have an acre of wooded land in Ashburn that I would like to have some hives on. My land is backed by protected wooded land with a creek. I am very close to Hay Rd and Ashburn Rd. I can be reached at 571-205-4487 or email at
  11. I have one small hive and am looking for a out yard near Leesburg to expand. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Thanks, Bonnie! It looks like some others are interested and I'm setting up a spot in Middleburg right now, too. I have another request for Middleburg, so I might just go with those two instead of heading over to Canby. Thank you for the poke, though! --Ruth
  13. If no answer for the Aldie, VA site, I am interested. Please email me at Thanks Mike
  14. I am looking for a general cost for insurance for a small business with 50 hives. I am doing a class at UMUC and beekeeping is my fake company. I have been looking on line and no one says how much it cost. I contacted one company but they have not contacted me back. I know there are many factors for insurance but what is general number for 20 or 50 hives and if I want to sell honey? Thanks for any answers. Mike
  15. Olin, I've sent an email regarding your split. This is likely from the overwintered nucleus colony you purchased from me last year, so that's good news as far as colony health goes. If your location does not allow you to expand your operation, you have the option of just allowing this strong, overwintered colony to swarm and raise a new queen. Please call if you'd like to discuss your bee situation. Bret Fisher 703.965.6216
  16. I one small hive (3 crowded medium boxes that I need to split). Do you have space?
  17. @Mei, this is the one I was telling you about that's off Canby near Dry Mill. I'm trying not to commit to too many outyards this year, but if you're looking for a place that's not as far as Mt. Weather, it might be a good option! Bonnie
  18. This is 3.6 miles from my primary yard off New Mountain Road.
  19. Ashley, There is also a 300 acre property just north of Aldie, VA that was wanting to host a couple of bee hives. I surveyed the property last fall. It's a great location, but something I just cannot do right now. Address is Mount Pleasant Farm, 22332 Oatlands Rd, Aldie, VA 20105. I'll send their contact info to your email and let them know you may be contacting them. This is barely two miles as the bee flies from LBA VP Jim Stephens' place on Route 50. Jim, if you're looking for a nearby out yard this might be of interest. @Jim Stephens It would be a great location to add some drone bank colonies for a queen rearing operation.
  20. Hi Ashley, I'm interested in you checking out our place to see if it would work for you. My phone number is sent by email to you. Regards, Julia
  21. Hello Bee Land! Are you still looking for a beekeeper to work with to place hives on your property? I have a few established/new hives that could use a new home. You can reply here, or email me at if you're interested. Best, Ashley
  22. HI, My name is Kelley and I am with the Purcellville Farmers' Market. Our Market offers direct experience of food and community. Supplying our guest with fresh, healthy, locally produced items while serving our areas' small businesses, giving our Members a platform to sell & market their items, while engaging the community & promoting their businesses. We currently do not have a honey vendor and wanted reach out to the Assoc. to see if anyone might be interested in joining our growing market. We currently hold our market on Saturdays from 9-1pm in the Parking lot of the Shoppes at Maple & Main, right off Main St. in Purcellville, VA. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested and or have any questions or concerns. Thanks in advance for your time! Thanks again, Kelley Partlow, Purcellville Farmers' Market Manager 703-856-4963
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  24. Peter. I sent you an email to collect more info. Mg
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