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  2. natascha folens

    bee nest

    we have tons of honey bees flying into the trunk of our tree, they just showed up one day.. are there any people here that can come and remove it? we live in Middleburg.
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    Matt Hoepfinger - University of California Davis - discussing all things oxalic acid.
  4. Hi Frank, OH, it's certainly still an issue! Looks like we have a comfy home for some bees ... guess they are entering a space in our wall above the vent ... not IN the vent (someone just came out and had a look). If you know of a contractor that would be willing to work with a beekeeper, please let me know. THANK YOU for asking! Jamie
  5. Is this still an issue? It sounds like you may have had a swarm enter your dryer/heating system vent.
  6. We experienced a large swarm of bees at our home on Friday, 4/22. I am pretty sure they are honey bees ... though I do not know much about bees at all. I wanted to attach a video from Friday ... and then a photo from yesterday - but am unable. There is MUCH less outside activity than there was on Friday ... However, we have seen quite a few in our home in the basement (many of them dead on the window sills). Also, when we showed our son the video, he and his friends recalled hearing a lot of buzzing in the vents ... on the weekend of 4/16 (!!). We had not heard about this until Saturday. If you could, please get back to me about what we could do about this problem. We are afraid they are building/have built a hive in our home somewhere. I know that honey bees are protected by law ... but we don't want them invading our home - so we please need advice on what to do. We live in Leesburg. Thank you so very much for your time and help with this! Most Sincerely, Jamie Semler (703) 932-4524
  7. David Fredericks

    David Fredericks

  8. Marion Cooper

    Land Available for Bee Hives

    I have ten acres in Bluemont approximately 2 miles west of Great Country Farms. Wondering if anyone has any interest in keeping bees on the property. If interested, please contact 413-687-2130. Thank you.
  9. Joe Hines

    Mark Hardesty

    Mark showed up about 40 minutes after I called him and did an excellent job of locating the queen and safely gathering up the swarm in my backyard! Awesome guy!
  10. roundhillmark

    Mark Hardesty

  11. Dan Ouellette

    Land available for beehives - Hamilton Va

    Hello fellow beekeepers, I live next door to Matt and had a couple hives on the property in 2021. Unfortunately, I had a bad bee year with my hives, including the two on Matt's property. I'm rebuilding my apiary and can not commit additional hives to this outyard. This is a very nice property and Matt is great to work with. Easy access with plenty of things for bees to like living there. If I can answer any questions from interested beekeepers, please let me know. Dan
  12. I own a 37 acre farm in Hamilton, Va just south of rt 9 off Hampton Road, and I’d like to see if any local beekeepers would like to place beehives on the property. Give me a call at 540-229-9604 if interested. - Matt
  13. Caroline Young

    Land available for bee placement

    Hello, I know a landowner outside Middleburg (The Plains) who is looking to allow someone to place and keep beehives on their property (approximately 250 acres). If interested, please contact me so I can put you in touch. Thank you. 919-225-0852
  14. Bret Fisher

    Queen Needed

    Anyone providing local queens may not have any available for another 3-4 weeks. Here is a local source, but they are listed as Carniolans: Carnolian Queens, $40.00 each Contact Larry Peak, 540 422-1341 5748 Myriah Court Warrenton, VA 20187 You can also look through our member list of nuc and queen producers here:
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    Keith Tignor - return visit by the State Apiarist providing an update on the State Of Our Bees.
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    Dr. Cameron Jack - University of Florida entomologist presenting research-based best practices for keeping honeybees healthy, and his thoughts on future maladies which may impact our bees in the future
  17. Stefan Cruise

    Queen Needed

    I am looking to purchase a locally sourced Italian queen. Please advise if anyone has a queen for sale. Thanks!
  18. Gary Zieff

    Looking for outyard

    Hi - Have 5 acres in Hillsboro. Let me know here if you are interested in putting your hives here. Gary
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    Jennifer King - Eversweet Apiaries - Jennifer returns to LBA to talk about Fall/Winter preparations that can help assist the girls to make it to the 2023 season.
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    Dr. Robyn Underwood from Pennsylvania State University will do a presentation on Organic Honeybee Colony Management.
  21. Kim Collins

    Looking for outyard

    Hi Ed, I am late to this string but also have 12 acres, easily assessible in historic Aldie just off of 50. Please let me know if you need extra space. I would love to have some hives.
  22. Kim Collins

    Have fields - looking for bees!

    Hello, We have 12 acres of woods in Historic Aldie with a creek and some wild fields. I do intend to plant a significant wildflower meadow and I would love to host some beehives. Please contact me (Kim) at or text 206-499-0052 if you're interested. Thank you!
  23. After 10 years I say "bees are bees". Buckfast, carniolan, Italian, Russian, any of the mite resistant breeds....ultimately, they are all the same. Some can be hot, some make more honey but that doesn't seem to be a breed issue. Rather than ask which do better - ask which do worse? Which die after a year? The answer is none. It is the beekeeper and how you set up and care for the bees. Personally I am waiting for my swarm traps to be filled with whatever mutt bees are attracted to my traps - although I have in my history gotten at least 2 swarms with marked queens. Meaning they left a new beekeepers hive. Regardless of what breed you populate your yard with that breed will slowly dilute with whatever is in the environment around you unless you are setting up to breed. Bees do not breed with other hives in your yard the virgin queens are at least 3,000 yards away. I've focused on care and IPM schedule and practices.
  24. All of my queens are mutts of some fashion but I would say that they tend to be Carniolian-ish with a fair bit of Italian. When retaining and breeding queens my selection criteria, in order of importance are Temperament (I like nice bees) Mite tolerance (I tend to breed the colonies that require fewer might treatment interventions) Frugality (ones that don't consume a great deal of their stores food in the winter)
  25. I was wondering what bee varieties people use and what everyone likes about those varieties.
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