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    Certainly a capped queen cell is not something that you want to find at this time of year. I have two colonies that swarmed about 4 weeks ago. One has requeened, the other, it isn't clear but I think they haven't. I am concerned about the second. At this time of year if it were my colony I would want to take action to prevent swarming or the change of a queen. To have a queen get successfully mated this late in the season is very iffy. If I spotted a capped queen cell and the old queen, I would cage the existing queen and then cull the queen cell(s). After a week I would check to ensure the colony hadn't started a new queen cell. If they had not, I would release the queen, if they had, I would keep her caged and wait another week. If I couldn't find the queen to cage her, I would let nature take it's course and not cull the queen cell(s).