• Local Loudoun Virginia Nucs and Queens List

    Loudoun Beekeepers Association (LBA) is making an effort to educate and encourage club members to create local nucleus (nuc) colonies. Below is a list of LBA members producing local nucs and/or queens. It is each producer's responsibility to have their apiaries inspected by the Virginia State Apiary Inspector for the current year.

    Please note that availability of nucs and queens is seasonal, and quantity from small scale producers is limited.

    Disclaimer: The Loudoun Beekeepers Association does not endorse any particular service or product provider, nor do we control their methods and business practices. We provide this information for the general public only as a list of LBA members who provide these products or services. Buyers should contact individual producers with questions regarding nucs and queens.

    What should I ask the nuc/queen producer?

    • Are your bees inspected annually by the VA State Apiary Inspector?
    • Do you still have nucs for sale? 
    • What size nucs are available, deep or medium frames?
    • How many frames in the nuc?
    • What are the contents of the nuc's frames (number of brood frames, number of food frames, number of frames of empty comb, number of frames with foundation only)
    • How old is the Queen? Is she marked?
    • Are your queens mated locally, purchased, or both?
    • How is the Nuc transported (cardboard nuc box, buyer’s box, producers box (to be returned))?
    • If applicable, pick-up times and location
    • Cost
  • Matt Gaillardetz

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    Matt Gaillardetz

    • Location: Purcellville, Lovettsville, Round Hill
      Phone Number: 571-334-3295
      Email Address: locobeekeeper@earthlink.net
      Products: Nucs
      Availability notes: Accepting 2021 orders: Deep & Medium Nucs. Email/Call for info.


    I offer both deep- and medium-frame nucleus (nuc) colonies with marked queens.  Each nuc includes 5-frames consisting of a minimum of three frames of brood and two food frames (honey and pollen) along with a strong population of adult bees.

    On the day of pickup, the nuc colony is transferred to a re-usable wax-impregnated cardboard nuc box for transport. 


    Locally mated queens available seasonally.

    Feel free to contact me with questions regarding nucs or queens.



    Edited by Matt Gaillardetz

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