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  • Notification: A big thanks to the membership for responding to the recent email checks as these helped the Board categorically assess the reliability of the Association's email service as well as the accuracy of our email distribution list. The results indicate that the service is working as advertised, and the email addresses are accurate. Email updates will be made as requested. If any member did not receive an email check request from Ed Kicha during the month of September, kindly contact him at ed.kicha@loudounbee.org. Thank you all again.

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    Visit our library of helpful topics for the beginner, intermediate and advanced beekeeper. Watch videos by LBA members and experienced beekeepers, learn about publications and books, visit bee suppliers, and much more.

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    Get a wealth of practical beekeeping experience with the click of your mouse! Our member forums serve as an online knowledge base of beekeeping practices, tips and techniques from beekeepers you trust.

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  • LBA Beginner 

    Beekeeping Class

    The LBA holds an annual Beginning Beekeeping Course every February, to start off the spring season. If you are interested in learning more about our annual course, please go here to visit our course description page.

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