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  • June 21-27 is Pollinator Week

    The Pollinator Partnership is a fantastic resource for all things pollinators, to include brochures that identify varieties of plants for many types of pollinators in your specific ecological region.  

    As a beekeepers, honey bees are near and dear to us. However, it is vital that recognition of all pollinators is important, as they are a necessity in providing for a heathy ecosystem. Whenever someone askes how an individual can help, "Saves the bees?",  consider the following mantra: Plant gardens, provide resources, reduce mowing, remove harmful chemicals. It is important to understand the benefits of pollinator friendly spaces, no matter how big or small.

    Happy pollinator planting!

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    Learn about the many benefits of becoming a member in the Loudoun Beekeepers Association. "Bee" a part of our community, get involved, and learn how to keep and help save the bees. It's easy to join, so why not sign up today! 

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  • Learning Corner

    Visit our library of helpful topics for the beginner, intermediate and advanced beekeeper. Watch videos by LBA members and experienced beekeepers, learn about publications and books, visit bee suppliers, and much more.

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    Get a wealth of practical beekeeping experience with the click of your mouse! Our member forums serve as an online knowledge base of beekeeping practices, tips and techniques from beekeepers you trust.

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  • LBA Beginners Beekeeping Class

    We will hold our next annual course in February of 2022.  Information regarding the class can be found here.

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