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  3. lrdnova

    Ryan White

    Please email or text to arrange a time and date. Send a picture of the swarm.
  4. Donna and Mike Kropotkin

    November 2021 In Person Meeting

    Landi Simone will be our guest speaker and will be Zooming in.
  5. Donna and Mike Kropotkin

    September LBA Monthly IN PERSON Meeting!

    Welcome back! Speaker TBD.
  6. Donna and Mike Kropotkin

    December 2021 Member ZOOM/In Person Meeting

  7. Donna and Mike Kropotkin

    October LBA Zoom/In Person Meeting

  8. Hi, Our co-op would like to set up a tour of a beehive. We are local to Ashburn but will travel. We have about 40 members and usually 25-30 attend any given field trip. Please email me at I look forward to hearing from you!
  9. Todd S.

    Pollinator Week 2021

    Celebrate Pollinators (to include our honeybees) this week.
  10. Janelle B

    Land Available for Hives

    Hello! We would love to host a beekeeper's hives on our property. We have 10.5 acres in Waterford. 5 is in land use for hay and would love to put some acres in use for bees. We have no experience with bees, but are willing to learn, help, etc to make it a mutually beneficial partnership. Thank you! Janelle
  11. Janelle B

    Seeking outyard in Western Loudoun

    Sounds like you may have found something, but just in case - we are interested in hosting hives on our property in Waterford. We have 10.5 acres total. Thanks. Janelle
  12. MRodriguez

    Looking for swarm

    Looking for extra bees thank you
  13. Donna and Mike Kropotkin

    Mike Kropotkin

    Medium NUCs with Oliveras queens available late May or by request.
  14. Jacob

    Nuisance Bees

    I agree with Frank, your best option is to talk with your neighbor, tell him the bees utilize your water trough, then see if he can put a water source near the hives, or relocate them elsewhere on his property. Otherwise just let the bees carry on about their day, they generally only sting when they or their hive feels threatened so if you leave them alone, they'll do the same for you.
  15. Frank

    Nuisance Bees

    Vicki - Sorry for your experience. Since bees fly there is no "barrier that can be erected to block or deter bees although a high hedge or solid fence can make the bees fly higher as they exit or approach their hives. This "flight path" often keeps the bees overhead rather then at people height. Depending upon the acreage involved being a good neighbor might be to move the hives away from the property line and more toward the center of their property. Bees are atracted to water so your horse trough may in fact be a draw. Your neighbor could add a trough to the opposite side of his yard or you could add another away from your horses. Sorry I don't have a specific solution.
  16. Guest

    Nuisance Bees

    How do I keep honey bees from coming on my property? A neighbor has about 10 hives 10-15 feet from our property line. The bees have stung, me, my daughter, and grandson. In addition they have stung many of our horses several times. There is no barrier to keep them from coming over there but a 3 board fence. It seems they are attracted to our water trough since I don't see any water close to his hives. I've checked with authorities but there doesn't seem to be anything we could do but take him to court. And we don't speak because he was under a protective order for molesting my daughter.
  17. NicoleG

    Seeking outyard in Western Loudoun

    Thank you so much -- I may have something in the works, but if it doesn't pan out I'll be in touch with you.
  18. Donna and Mike Kropotkin

    November 2021 Member ZOOM Meeting

  19. DavidW

    Seeking outyard in Western Loudoun

    Nicole I know of someone located off Rt 9 near Hamilton who is interested. If you PM me your email address I will put you in touch if you are interested. David
  20. Hello, this post was made some time ago. Did you find a beekeeper to place hives?
  21. Hello, I’m a local beekeeper seeking an outyard in western Loudoun— Round Hill/Purcelville/Bluemont or nearby. I am splitting a couple of my current hives and Interested in placing the new hive splits in an outyard soon!
  22. stoshk

    Stosh Kowalski

  23. LBA Admin

    Karin Mathur

  24. Melissa London

    Volunteer work

    Hi, I am reaching out to see if anyone needs any help tending to their hives. I live in Leesburg. I have a little experience and would love to get some more. Cheers, Melissa London
  25. thank you! will do!
  26. Reed Mayer

    Reed Mayer

    Please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.
  27. Ursula I would be interested in discussing. Please email me at David_Wigglesworth AT David
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