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  2. NicoleG

    Seeking outyard in Western Loudoun

    Thank you so much -- I may have something in the works, but if it doesn't pan out I'll be in touch with you.
  3. Donna and Mike Kropotkin

    November 2021 Member ZOOM Meeting

  4. Donna and Mike Kropotkin

    September 2021 Member ZOOM Meeting

    To be announced
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  6. DavidW

    Seeking outyard in Western Loudoun

    Nicole I know of someone located off Rt 9 near Hamilton who is interested. If you PM me your email address I will put you in touch if you are interested. David
  7. Hello, this post was made some time ago. Did you find a beekeeper to place hives?
  8. Hello, I’m a local beekeeper seeking an outyard in western Loudoun— Round Hill/Purcelville/Bluemont or nearby. I am splitting a couple of my current hives and Interested in placing the new hive splits in an outyard soon!
  9. stoshk

    Stosh Kowalski

  10. LBA Admin

    Karin Mathur

  11. Melissa London

    Volunteer work

    Hi, I am reaching out to see if anyone needs any help tending to their hives. I live in Leesburg. I have a little experience and would love to get some more. Cheers, Melissa London
  12. thank you! will do!
  13. Reed Mayer

    Reed Mayer

    Please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.
  14. Ursula I would be interested in discussing. Please email me at David_Wigglesworth AT David
  15. LBNoble

    March 2021 LBA Meeting (Virtual on Zoom)


    Thanks so much for the presentation/info, I picked up a lot, I would love to come for a visit (I’m close to Belvoir), I am just starting my bee journey & I want to do them justice-
  16. Farm outside of Waterford looking for someone needing a place for their hives. Farm has not used any pesticides in over 40 years.
  17. Joan Gardiner

    Todd Soos

    Very professional and reassuring.
  18. George Forristall

    George Forristall

  19. Donna and Mike Kropotkin

    Italian Packages for sale?

    If you're a member you should have been notified by email and I believe there was an announcement up on this site about a month ago. I'll see if they are still available. Mike
  20. 375rgr

    Italian Packages for sale?

    Checking in. Can someone tell me how to go about purchases the club's packages? Thanks.
  21. The lot is actually quite large, with a commercial building in a commercial zone. The 10,000 sq is just the garden size. We have plenty of space. Could we get on a call to discuss? Or maybe text me at 703-625-8212
  22. Well I'm in South Riding so that's easy. If your lot is 10,000 sq ft that's fairly small and close to your neighbors. You should check with your HOA if you have one about having bees and we always recommend having at least 2.
  23. In sterling near south riding, about 10,000 sq ft
  24. Prateek - Where in Sterling are you located? How large is your garden?
  25. Hello, We are in Aldie and have space! We would love if you could start a few hives on our land! Please call or text me at 703-625-8212
  26. Kyle Hassler

    Kyle Hassler

  27. Prateek

    Seeking outyards!

    We have an outyard in sterling va, please call or text me at 703-625-8212
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