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Beekeeper wanted!

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Hello! The JK Community Farm is looking for an experienced bee keeper who is interested in keeping several on our property. This would not be a paid position, just a location to keep your bees. We are also open to the Loudoun Beekeeper Association teaching classes at our farm if that is of benefit. Thank you!

Location: 35516 Paxson Rd, Purcellville Va

About us: 

Founded in 2018, the JK Community Farm – a 501(c)(3) started by JK Moving Services

– provides children, senior citizens, and families facing food insecurity with fresh,

organic fruit, vegetables, and protein. Our farm grows produce without chemical

pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and features many examples of sustainable

agriculture, including a compost system, rainwater harvesting, and drip irrigation. The

JK Community Farm works to increase access to fresh produce and protein to families

in Virginia facing food insecurity through produce and protein donations, educational

programs, corporate team building, and community gardening. Located in Loudoun

County, Virginia, the 150 acre Community Farm started with planting four acres. The

JKCF grows sweet potatoes, lettuce, kale, turnips, sweet corn, bell peppers, tomatoes,

zucchini, and more. In 2019 the JK Community Farm will expand to 7 acres and aims to

grow over 60,000 lbs of produce and donate over 50,000 lbs of protein.

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George Forristall


I would be interested in keeping a couple hives at your location.  It sounds like a great opportunity.  Please contact me at:


Looking forward to hearing from you,


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