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HIVE Beetle

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I am moving from Oklahoma to the area. I had bees there but have not had any for the past year because I got hive beetles and decided not to try again until after we moved. My question is about my hive bodies. I don’t want to transport any stage of the beetle so I’m not sure if I should leave my hive bodies or will they be ok. They are all empty but I am not sure if I should just buy new boxes. 

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Matt Gaillardetz

Hi Diana. You are moving to an area (presumably Loudoun County) that has a large and active beekeeping community. Be sure to join our club when you get settled in the area. Loudoun Beekeepers Association (LBA) has monthly meetings with a speaker talking about any number of beekeeping related topics. We also have a member-only forum on the LBA website that is a great resource to share information among the local beekeeping community.

If your equipment has been stored for a year without bees, you do not have a small hive beetle (SHB) problem now. The SHB eggs are not viable long term. If you have any frames with comb, I would recommend not bringing the frames to VA. Or, if you have a lot of comb (which is valuable to us beekeepers) you wish to bring, you will need to obtain an entry permit from the Virginia State Apiarist. THis is to prevent the spread of disease. If you are not bringing comb, no worries.


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