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Found 3 results

  1. Bee Land

    Hives Wanted!

    We have 9 acres 10 minutes from downtown Leesburg and would love to have hives placed on the land. Anyone interested?
  2. I have a bees nest in an old meat smoker, according to my neighbor. I'm not home so I'm not sure it's bees but I need them gone.
  3. We have a 10 acre property in Leesburg, and are interested in having hives on our property. We have a wildflower meadow started, and plan to increase the wildflower meadows this spring. Near our house we have a bee and butterfly garden, with no pesticide use. We do keep horses on our property, but there are areas where a bee hive could be undisturbed. Please contact me if interested. (I know its late this year, but for next season). Thanks! Adrianne